An effective customer loyalty programme is designed to deliver on your investment.

We understand how to do that better than most, because you could say, loyalty programmes are in our blood. We know travel rewards drive loyalty; we’ve seen exponential results with our clients year on year. And we know we can deliver outstanding results for you and your customers.

Creating a Loyalty Programme

If you’re considering creating or partnering into a loyalty programme, talk to us first. We have expertise in the area of designing and implementing a viable rewards programme that is properly aligned to your business goals. Our travel rewards and loyalty programme services give you a turnkey solution; from signup to redemption.

Travel Rewards Redemption

Our travel rewards include everything you’d expect from our comprehensive travel service – within New Zealand and throughout the world. Members can redeem points for everything from travel insurance, accommodation and airfares, to cruises, luggage and so much more. We make your travel rewards not just desirable, but attainable… and we monitor and report on what makes your customers’ tick, in order to tailor the programme and communications for even greater success.

Seamless Servicing

We make it easy for your members to redeem their points. Our consultants guide them on how to make the most of their budget and achieve best value for their points. And depending on how you choose to structure your loyalty programme rules, they can usually top up any shortfall directly – giving them even more opportunity to appreciate your programme.

Premium Incentive and Conference Management

Whether you need a full turnkey solution or a single experience, talk to us in confidence and discover the difference we make – no obligation required. Email pic@pictravel.co.nz or speak directly with Catherine on 09 529 3975 today.